Quick Facts

Population: 225,369

National Anthem: "Anthem without a Title

Official Languages: Dutch, English

Capital City: Willemstad

Currency: Netherlands Antillian Guilder (ANG)

National Dish: Keshi Yena (Filled Cheese Shells)

International Airports: Curacao Int'l Airport (CUR) in Curacao

Welcome to Netherlands Antilles!

Netherlands Antilles Map

Places to Visit

Boca Tabla, Curacao
Bonaire Marine Park, Bonaire
Curacao Ostrich and Game Farm
Curacao Sea Aquarium, Curacao
Hato Caves, Willemstad
Klein Bonaire, Bonaire
Knip Bay, Curacao
Lake Gotomeer, Bonaire
Mount Scenery, Windwardside, Saba
Queen Juliana Bridge, Willemstad

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